Tech Myths Busted: no. 4 – More storage is always better

Truth: Depends what you mean by better!

We’re always being sold more. We are conditioned to believe that more of something is always better, and that we are getting more for our money.

However, this is not strictly true when it come to hard drive storage capacity. You may well need to have 1TB of storage, because you’re a photographer that takes hundreds of photos a day.  But  for the average computer user, what we really want is performance.

You’ll find that a 256GB Solid State Disk (SSD) is by far the better option. It is much more reliable, and the performance compared to a conventional hard drive really is like night and day. Apart from a memory upgrade, it really is the best bang-for-buck upgrade you can do. How many of us would fill a 256GB drive between now and when it comes time to replace the computer anyway?

Don’t listen to the sales hype when it comes to hard drive storage – because bigger is not better in this case. It is merely a tactic to boost sales.