Telephone Systems

How old is your current telephone system? Chances are it's the oldest piece of technology in your business!

Technology moves faster than ever, so if your telephone system is older than 5 years and you've not already made the switch to a hosted VoIP solution, you could be missing out a number of benefits (and you're probably paying FAR too much for it).

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our business telephone systems:
  • 1p per minute local/national and 4p mobile billing - billed to the nearest second
  • Hosted in the Cloud - no more costly hardware taking up space in your premises
  • Choice of handsets - colour screens, touchscreens, cordless - you can even use your computer as your phone so you don't even need a separate device these days!
  • HD voice - no more robotic voices! Crystal clear high-quality voice
  • Mobile integration - take calls and make calls from your office landline from your mobile. No one needs to kow you are working from home, or driving in the car
  • Use your existing network - handsets have switch ports meaning you can use the same network connection for your computer and your phone.

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