May 2

LinkedIn takes action to tackle fake accounts

Have you noticed an increase in fake profiles on LinkedIn lately? It’s no surprise that the more popular a platform becomes, the more likely it is to attract the attention of cybercriminals.

These fake accounts can be tricky to spot, and they’re used for all sorts of scams and tricks, from spamming people to downloading malware and stealing personal data. And that’s where LinkedIn comes in – they’ve introduced new verification features to help tackle these fake accounts and keep users safe.

Over the coming months, LinkedIn will be rolling out an improved account authentication process, working with secure identity platform Clear to verify accounts using work email addresses, government-issued IDs, and phone numbers. Once verified, accounts will receive a verification mark, just like the ones you see on Twitter. The best part? LinkedIn is offering this service for free!

It’s important to keep your accounts secure, and LinkedIn’s new verification features will make it even easier for you to do so. But it’s not just about LinkedIn – it’s crucial to be mindful of any suspicious activity on your accounts, enable two-factor authentication wherever possible, and always be careful about who you connect with and what information you share.

If you’re concerned about cybersecurity in your business, or you’re not sure how to protect your accounts from potential threats, get in touch! Our team is here to help, and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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