April 9

Is this the most dangerous phishing scam yet?

Imagine you’re sifting through your emails when an unexpected message from a trusted source catches your eye.

Your first instinct is to consider it safe. However, caution is in order—this communication might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Enter “SubdoMailing”, a sophisticated ruse by cyber felons designed to ensnare you with fraudulent links or solicit private information.

How does it work?

These nefarious actors impersonate credible brands by exploiting subdomains, the often overlooked prefixes in web URLs like ‘offers.companyname.com.’ They pinpoint unused subdomains still linked to unregistered external domains.

Their next move is to purchase these domains and craft deceptive websites.

Thus, while you think you’re visiting ‘offers.companyname.com,’ your click unwittingly leads you to a bogus site.

The scope? A staggering five million emails are dispatched daily, preying on professionals across various sectors.

Despite originating from seemingly legitimate sources, these emails bypass standard security protocols, landing directly in your inbox.

To fortify your defenses:

  • Approach every email with a dose of skepticism. Trust your instincts—if it seems dubious, it likely is.
  • Investigate any links or attachments thoroughly before engaging. Watch for tell-tale signs of fraud, such as typos or odd sender addresses.
  • Educate your team on the latest phishing techniques. Awareness is a potent shield for your organization.
  • Invest in robust security software. It’s a prudent decision that can save you from future troubles.

For assistance with email security, or other inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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