April 30

Copilot is bringing another productivity boost to Teams

Maximising productivity is a goal shared by many teams, and Microsoft Teams latest features with Copilot could be a crucial part of achieving that. This isn’t about buzzwords or tech hype; it’s about practical tools that address real-world team challenges.

So, let’s break down these features and how they translate into everyday work scenarios.

Transcription and Summary: The Meeting Game-Changer

You’re familiar with the scenario: a dynamic meeting with ideas bouncing around. Traditionally, you might have one team member furiously jotting down notes, but with Copilot, the need for manual transcription is eliminated. It listens, transcribes, and summarises. This ensures that those ‘aha’ moments and key decisions are captured. Imagine finishing a meeting and having a neat list of action items and highlights waiting for you. That’s the efficiency Copilot aims to deliver.

Rethink and Revise: The Chat Saviour

Messaging in Teams is instantaneous and often, something might be sent in haste. Copilot offers a solution by suggesting revisions. Perhaps you didn’t phrase something quite right, or a message came off too strong – Copilot’s suggestion feature is like having an editor looking over your shoulder, ready to step in before you hit send.

Call Recap: The Post-Call Hero

After a phone call, you can find yourself scrambling to recall details. If you’re a Teams Premium subscriber, this concern fades away with Copilot’s call recap feature. It doesn’t just record calls; it provides summaries. This can be invaluable for those who need to catch up on missed calls or simply need to review the details of complex discussions.

IntelliFrame: The Visual Enhancer

Video calls are a staple, but they come with their own set of frustrations, like poorly framed shots and some participants being left out of the visual field. IntelliFrame changes that. It uses AI to make sure each person is properly framed. No more awkwardly cropped faces or people being cut off. This may seem like a small thing, but it contributes to a more professional and inclusive meeting experience.

Now, let’s expand on these features in the context of a work scenario:

A Day in the Life with Teams and Copilot

Imagine you’re the project manager for a busy marketing team. Your day starts with a creative brainstorming session. Ideas for the new campaign are flying thick and fast. With Copilot’s transcription service, you can stay engaged in the conversation, confident that all the details are being captured.

Midway through the meeting, you receive a message from a client. You quickly type a response but then second-guess your wording. Instead of fretting, you let Copilot suggest a more polished reply, and you’re able to send a message you’re confident about without losing focus on the meeting.

The meeting wraps up, and you have an immediate recap thanks to Copilot. Key points and follow-ups are clearly outlined, so you can move forward with your day without delay.

Later, you have a series of calls. Normally, you’d take notes, but with back-to-back calls, there’s little time. Copilot’s call recap is a lifesaver, providing you with summaries that you can review at the end of the day or share with your team.

In the afternoon, you have a video conference with a remote team. The last thing you want is a call where participants are half-visible or not visible at all. IntelliFrame makes sure everyone is seen, fostering a more inclusive environment and keeping the focus on collaboration rather than technical glitches.

By the end of the day, you’ve attended multiple meetings, interacted with clients, and collaborated with team members without the usual stress of documentation and communication mishaps. It’s productivity, not just in theory, but in practice.

The practicality of these new Copilot features in Microsoft Teams is clear. From automated transcriptions and chat revisions to call recaps and improved video calls, it’s about giving teams the right tools to work smarter, not harder.

If you’re looking to harness these features for your team, getting started is easy. With the right setup and a little guidance, you can transform the way your team works, communicates, and collaborates. For those who have yet to try Teams or want to optimise its use, this is an invitation to tap into its full potential.

Reach out, and let’s make teamwork seamless. Contact us for a no-obligation IT review.

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