January 26, 2022

How (and why the need) to put a monetary cost on your company’s cyber risk of cyber-attack

How much cost have you put on a cyber-attack on your business?

This episode is the one you need to listen to if you’ve not yet calculated the monetary cost of a cyber-attack on your company!


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What is your cyber risk worth to you?

This is a question that not many business owners have an answer for, but it’s something that you need to start thinking about.

In this episode of the Techcess podcast, Mark Riddell from m3 Networks discusses how you can put a monetary value on your company’s cyber risk.

High profile cyber-attacks

Do you remember the recent high profile attack on Marriot Hotels, in which 5.2 million guests were impacted, exposing their personal information?

Or the case against Equifax?

Their attack left them having to agree to pay at least $575 million in damages.

As Mark explains, you need to take these threats seriously, and become aware of the monetary cost to your company if you suffer a cyber attack.

He explains that it’s not an easy task, but with the help of a special calculator, it can be done.

And you can get that special calculator from Mark and the team at m3 for FREE thanks to this episode of Techcess.

You can find it here.

Go ahead and download it, but before you start using it, make sure you listen to the episode as Mark will talk you through how you can use it.

Cyber Essentials

You’ll hear Mark mention the episode about Cyber Essentials.

When you’re ready to listen to that one, you can do so here.

Get more valuable technology insights from m3’s blog pages, here.

Mark Riddell‘s technology podcast “Techcess” is an m3 Networks production. Mark and the team have created this podcast to help you and their clients understand how technology can help them in their industry and business, including helping them with cyber security solutions. To find out more about Mark Riddell and the rest of the m3 team, visit them here and follow them on Linkedin.

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