011: Making the ultimate technology podcast – behind the scenes of “Techcess” – m3 Networks’ very own weekly tech podcast!

“Techcess” host Mark Riddell describes his podcasting journey, and offers insights on why he wanted to start creating the m3 Networks very own technology podcast!


The Techcess podcast

If you’re wondering how to produce a technology podcast, then look no further. In this episode, the voice of the m3 Networks technology podcast Mark Riddell talks us through why he’s created their very own podcast.

And, as is in keeping with the theme of the podcast’s content, he decided it’s better to tell you about it in his own words on the podcast, rather than in the form of a blog post!

So sit back and enjoy the ultimate behind-the-scenes ‘look’ (listen) into the making of “Techcess”!

A podcast episode all about podcasting

By now you’ve probably guessed it – this podcast episode is a little meta – it’s all about host Mark Riddell and his process for putting together the weekly “Techcess” technology podcast.

Starting out with some history, this episode explains why Mark and his team wanted to start an insightful technology-themed podcast even before the pandemic struck!

Also covered are specific aspects such as the recording process, the structure, and the equipment he uses to get the podcast into your ears every single week.



Mark Riddell, technology expert and host of “Techcess”, wanted to start a technology-themed podcast even before the pandemic started!

He felt that technology is part of everyone’s lives in some shape or form whether it be professionally or personally, so having a technology themed podcast to help shape the image of m3 Networks as an insightful company seemed like a no-brainer.

Listen as Mark describes how he went about setting the idea into motion, using professional help.


Even though it’s just over two months old, the show has already interviewed some pretty big names in technology like Amelia Paro (dark web expert from ID Agent), Craig Allan (the ‘Black Knight’ from Different Mindset), and Robert Hall (phishing simulation expert).

All of these conversations are available to listen to right now, for free, on the Techcess page of our website https://m3networks.co.uk/techcess/

Back to this episode – you’ll be able to learn all about Mark’s process for choosing guests, and how he ensures they’re able to bring you insight each week!

So what makes this podcast different?

Mark loves technology having immersed himself in it from a very young age, and is always up-to-date with it himself.

And he wants to share that obsession with like-minded contributors.

But he wants to make sure that the subject is covered in a fun way, and always makes sure to include a light-hearted Q&A in the “Techcess Ten”!

And with that, always rounding off what the guest feels is the secret to “Techcess“.

Being a technology company m3 is hungry to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology – something Mark continues to work towards and demonstrate with every episode of Techcess.

It’s m3 Networks‘ vision to be considered the go-to source of technology news and discussion!

The technology industry is constantly evolving and changing, and this technology news needs to be shared!

Techcess“, has been downloaded and listened to in countries all around the world – including UK, US, Australia, India, Germany, Spain… and many more!

Just one of the many things the team behind “Techcess” do to make their content is of the highest quality is outsourcing production – using Podknows Podcasting‘s professional podcast production services.

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