If you are looking for a centralised data storage solution for your business, Microsoft SharePoint may be the solution you are looking for. Chance are, if you're already using Office 365 for email and apps, you could alreayd have SharePoint licences included within your subscription.

At m3 we have used SharePoint for a number of years and we have subsequently migrated a lot of clients to SharePoint. Here's some of the scenarios that we have helped clients with:

  • End of life on-premise File Server migrated to a SharePoint solution - we set-up the SharePoint environment to mirror the file structure and security permissions, and then migrate the data to the cloud.
  • Dropbox to SharePoint - many small business start using Dropbox for file storage, but quickly out-grow this. We can improve the performance and security of your file storage with a SharePoint migration.
  • Google Docs to SharePoint - Many businesses choose to migrate to SharePoint after using Google Docs for a few years before realising that in business, it tends to be much more convenient if you stick to using Microsoft products.
  • Network Attached Storage to SharePoint - Whilst a NAS solution works for many businesses, the convenience of sharing data in a cloud-based solution has huge advantages.