Why your business needs consistent email signatures

With studies estimating that the average employee within a business sends 35 emails a day, for those who are looking for the next great business idea, it may be closer to home than you realised. Email has been, and continues to be the number one medium for business communication. Which is why email signatures are a great tool which has been used by progressive businesses for years. Despite this, many small businesses are yet to utilise this highly effective technique.

So why should your business make the upgrade to using managed email signatures? We list the top reasons we believe you should use email signatures below.

#1: Brand recognition

With an email signature on business emails, there is a great opportunity for your business to reinforce your brand. For every email sent out by every employee with an email signature, your brand is reinforced. Your signature can be anything you want to make it, however an email signature is a great chance to incorporate your logo. This will increase recognition, which in turn raises awareness of your brand.

269 billion emails are sent and received each day

#2: Brand alignment

Due to the multitude of platforms with which businesses communicate with customers, maintaining consistency within marketing in order to maintain professionalism can be difficult. This is where email signatures come in. With a consistent signature which reflects the professionalism your brand would like to portray, it sets the tone for a consistent image. Employers can rest assured that staff are representing the brand in the best possible way. If you choose the right IT support to create your signature, it can also apply when sending emails from mobiles and Macs.

#3: Opportunity to increase website & social network traffic

As much as you should include your business logo in your email signature, including website and social media details is a great opportunity for your business to increase traffic. Contact details can also be part of your signature, making communication with potential clients and customers even better. From a marketing perspective, email signatures are essential

Think of your email signature as your digital business card

#4: Social Proof

With the threat of phishing emails becoming more prevalent by the day, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the fakes. A good signature with links to your business website and social media may give customers some added reassurance. You can even add reviews onto your signature in addition to any other promotional links.

At m3 Networks, we provide a managed email signature service, Exclaimer, which integrates right into your businesses Office 365 platform. This means that the same signature is automatically applied to every email you send – regardless of where you send it from. So you can say goodbye to “sent from my iPhone“, and always look professional.

To find out more about our services and speak to one of our experts, click here.

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