Managed antivirus – Why your business needs this

As the cyber security world grows, the world of antivirus (AV) products is vastly expanding with it. This can be seen in the annual revenues spent on security software as of 2019, which in the US alone totals a massive $23 Billion. With a large amount of businesses still relying solely on subscription antivirus software to combat any cyber threats, lets look at the differences between managed antivirus and subscription antivirus.

So…what is it exactly?

By now, most people are familiar with the term antivirus – software designed to combat cyber threats, and the typical antivirus we are familiar with is mainly subscription antivirus. These are the programs that are created to scan computers against the virus database within the antivirus. They are also typically paid up monthly or annually.

Managed antivirus, on the other hand, has an added edge. It is typically provided by an IT support company, whereby the company install and monitor software in accordance with your system and business needs.

Why managed antivirus?

The total global damage to businesses as a result of cyber crime has been estimated at $1.5 billion dollars annually

There are countless benefits of managed rather than subscription antivirus for businesses.

Managed AVSubscription AV
Updated by the IT provider, to ensure latest protection.Relies on employees/users to update.
Uniform high protection. All devices will have same level of security.Security depends on users updating so some devices may have inadequate security.
Easily managed, as all the IT work is left to tech experts.There would have to be some kind of regulation to ensure it is managed, taking up unnecessary time.
Constant support. With managed antivirus, there will be an IT team to answer any cyber security issues.Lack of face to face support, if any issues occur there will be no point of contact.
Reliability. Knowing that the antivirus software is managed gives added reassurance.Relying on a running software doesn’t give the same reassurance a face to face service would.

As you can see from the table, managed antivirus combats cyber issues in a manner which allows businesses to have peace of mind. This means they can focus on business without the worry of IT in the way.

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