Email Filtering: A Key Part of Cyber Defence

It is well acknowledged that emails remain the most important vehicle for business communication. With the number of emails being sent per day expected to reach 246 billion by the end of 2019, this heavily utilised tool can be a dangerous trap for unsuspecting users; as much as it can be a business life-line. Most of us already spend enough time using our emails, and with more important things to attend to than figuring out what’s a genuine email and what’s not, keeping on top of it all can be difficult. A great way to make the most of email, and to utilise it as safely as possible, is through mail filtering.

Over 90% of cyber attacks begin with an email

So what is email filtering exactly, and what makes it such a great tool?

The concept of email filtering is pretty straight forward: it keeps the spam and potentially dangerous emails out of your inbox. A simple concept, but one that can make a huge difference to a busy business day.

Any emails that are definite spam or contain viruses get deleted immediately – without even touching your email service. Email that is flagged as likely spam go into quarantine; each user is sent an email containing a list of quarantined emails, which they can quickly browse through and allow any genuine emails caught to be released and sent to their inbox.

Approximately 14.5 Billion spam emails are sent every day

Email filtering & added security

Phishing, spoofing, viruses, malware – you name it, it can attack you via email. Part of the magic of email filtering is its ability to block these things out. For example, one of the leading email filtering services, SpamTitan, blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses and malware.

According to retruster, phishing emails account for 90% of data breaches, with phishing attempts growing by 65% since last year. Keeping all employees safe within a business from these attacks is almost impossible on a daily basis without any additional assistance. A tool such as a mail filter monitors business email accounts, so that employers can have some extra peace of mind.

Its not just the big guys that fall victim – 60% of small businesses go out of business following a data breach

British Chambers of Commerce

Increased productivity

As well as the added security email filtering provides, it can also have a positive effect on productivity. Instead of having employees struggle to get through their inbox, the mail filter will keep important emails where they need to be. As well as this, the decreased chances of cyber attack means there will be a much lower chance of cyber threats hindering productivity.

At m3 Networks, we offer a wide range of IT and cyber security services. These include email filtering, but also phishing tests and user security training for businesses.

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