Is your cyber security arrangement future-proofed enough to protect your business?

Trust: very important in cyber security!

And not just the trust in the technology itself…

You always hope that when you hire someone to manage your cyber security and wider technology requirements for you, you can trust them.

You can relax knowing they’ll carry out what’s required with your best interests at front of mind.

But what if you’re not in regular contact with them?

Can you be certain that your chosen provider is doing everything they can, to keep your business protected and running smoothly?

Ever-evolving risks

The cyber security and Information Technology (IT) industry is constantly developing, with new threats and risks emerging all the time.

It’s important that you’re always updated on those changes so your cyber security provider can ensure they have a complete understanding of what arrangements are in place to protect your business from cyber attacks or other vulnerabilities.

With some providers feeling it’s sufficient just to renew their contract every year as long as you’ve been given an update around key issues such as software updates for example, this could mean crucial safety measures being missed out which leaves you vulnerable!

In addition, if there were any additions or amendments required following these conversations, how would anyone know?

This is why m3 Networks address this issue with their own clients in a very intentional way, which Mark Riddell will explain in the episode.

Bear this in mind.

With no documentation kept about any specific requirements agreed upon between both parties means potential cyber vulnerabilities can go undetected.

It’s vital that cyber security providers regularly review arrangements to ensure they’re still effective at protecting businesses from the latest cyber risks facing businesses today.

Also, there could be changes in legislation which could also have an impact on how you run your business.

(When was the last time your IT and cyber security provider got on a call with you? Was it contract renewal time?!)

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Meanwhile, some housekeeping…

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Keeping official records of provisions – sensibly!

Passwords are a crucial element of information protection – if cyber attackers were able to gain access to one or even several passwords it would be child’s play for them to cause havoc with all sorts of sensitive data within an organisation. This includes compromising personal details such as date of birth or financial information meaning identity theft becomes increasingly common too!

Yet many cyber security service providers are still asking their customers to provide passwords in an unsecure way.

For example, is your cyber security provider keeping a record of the passwords to your sensitive data written down on a pad or post it on their desk?

Do they actually KNOW your passwords off by heart?

This episode explains why that could spell disaster for you!

It’s time for businesses to take cyber security seriously and make sure they’re working with providers who have the same mindset.

(Is anyone really silly enough to keep their office passwords on a post-it?! Apparently so…)

Getting what you’re paying for

And we hate to suggest your cyber security provider is treating you like a cash cow rather than a valued customer but….

Are you able to identify all the things you’re paying for and where they fit in with your business?

Mark tells a story of an actual conversation he had with a client which will leave you gob-smacked….

The cyber security landscape changes all the time; so, it’s important that you partner with a cyber security provider who will keep you constantly updated about current and future risks as well as best practices to mitigate those threats.

In this episode, Mark Riddell from m3 Networks talks us through some of the questions that ALL businesses should be asking their cyber security providers.

If you’re not lucky enough to be working with m3 Networks, this is a must-listen episode.

By the end of it, you’ll be able to fully understand the many questions you need to be asking of your provider.

And if you’re not happy with the answers, make sure you book in a call with us at m3 so we can advise you on how to safely move forward.

Check out this episode!

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