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What Scottish Businesses Need To Know About Cyber Insurance

When it comes to protecting your business, having a strategy in the event of a disaster is the first step proactive businesses should be taking. With insurance for fire, theft and others being pretty standard, cyber insurance is relatively new to the market. As with any element in your business, finding the best plan for you can be tricky, and choosing the right companies to provide those services is vital to ensure you are getting the right advice for your business.

Read on to find out What Scottish Businesses Need To Know About Cyber Insurance.

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Why You Should Plan to Fail… by Building an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Irrespective of industry, IT system failures can have a devastating effect on small and mid-sized businesses. IT disruption for even a few hours can bring business operations to a standstill resulting in significant financial loses. Crises’ such as server or internet failure, cyber-attack, fire, flood or even a natural disaster could takeout your IT infrastructure and cripple your business. SMEs, therefore, must have a recovery plan in case of such a catastrophe. Not having a plan to fail can put your enterprise at risk of financial loss, brand damage and most importantly risk of losing customers.

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