Why Cyber Security Is Everyone’s Problem

The term ‘Cyber Security’ can be daunting for those who don’t specialise in technology. We’re told it’s important, could result in disastrous consequences if neglected, yet many don’t know where to start their security journey.

The real problem though, is that business owners like you, along with staff assume you have security covered because you have an IT department. Unless you have a specialist Cyber Security team, this is an assumption as baseless as assuming any other member of staff have it covered.

90% of cyber attacks are caused by users.

Kaspersky Lab

All it takes is one user to click one link in one email to shut down your business. Or you can follow the example of the Florida town who paid up close to £500,000 because a user clicked a bad link in their email.

The problem isn’t that your employees have bad intentions and want to put you out of business and themselves out of a job. It’s that security is a business backbone, and in order for that to be the case, staff need to be educated.

Social engineering is the number one technique hackers use – it beats all technology.

Trained staff can be your best line of defence, but untrained staff can be your biggest threat. Security needs to be not only implemented but employees need to be vigilant.

As much as there are good business practices such as arriving on time, cyber security practices should be equally as prioritised. There needs to be a security culture within your business which starts from the top and is implemented by every employee.

At the end of the day, regardless of whose responsibility it is, if your company goes out of business due to a Cyber Attack, it will affect everyone. From the CEO to the receptionist.

In the UK, 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a cyber-attack.

So, what do you need to do about Cyber Security?

Policies are key to ensuring employees follow security guidelines. These include on-boarding and off-boarding policies, password policies (to ensure staff are vigilant and not using something such as their Facebook password) and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies.

Cyber Security training is also a key tool – otherwise it’s just a matter of time before uninformed staff click into what is your biggest disaster.

At m3 Networks, we offer a range of Cyber Security products, but we understand each business has different needs, according to their size and business sector. This is why we have our CyberCare range, whereby each product differs according to business requirements.

Included in CyberCare is phishing training for your business and also the policies you need to have in place in order to assure your employees stay within safe practice.

We also have our Cyber Security Risk Assessment, which consists of both on-site checks, and online checks. We understand how important your Cyber Security is, which is why we evaluate it first-hand.

Find out more about our CyberCare products here, or call us to speak to one of our experts on 01738237001.