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cyber security

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You already know that cyber crime is a very real threat to your business - but it's very possible you're underestimating the potential damage, OR you are being ill-advised or under served from your IT department or IT support company.

But it is NOT their fault...

The problems with cyber security

  • Most businesses simply try and merge the IT support and Cyber Security functions into 'IT', when in fact the skill-sets needed for these roles are totally different
  • Most outsourced IT providers are also NOT hiring cyber security specialists, and relying on existing technicians to keep customers safe. In fact, if they have not talked to you about the about putting a cyber incident response plan in place, you are at risk and you are not being advised properly. 
  • Did you know that 94% of users struggle to identify a genuine email from a phishing attack? ONE cyber attack... even from a smart, tenured employee clicking on the wrong email... can open the door to absolute FINANCIAL DEVASTATION, and undo everything you have worked so hard to achieve.
  • Protecting everything you have worked hard for requires specialist cyber security skills and services if you stand any chance of keeping your business safe.

Running a business is tricky enough without the worry of cyber security threats. m3 have virtually eliminated our security concerns and without the expense of employing full-time IT staff

Anne SMith

Introducing CyberCare

CyberCare is a package of managed cyber security products and services designed to reduce the most common cyber threats facing small and medium businesses.

Reduced Cyber Risk

CyberCare is based on industry leading cyber security frameworks aimed at reducing the likelihood of a cyber attack in your business

Fully Managed by cyber experts

Our cyber experts aren't just your typical IT pros - they have specialised cyber security skills and experience. 

Fixed monthly user pricing

We don't ask you for a long-term commitment. Our packages are priced per user per month.

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