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cyber security

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You already know that cyber crime is a very real threat to your business - but it's very possible you're underestimating the potential damage, OR you are being ill-advised or under served from your IT department or IT support company.

But it is NOT their fault...

The problems with cyber security

  • Most businesses simply try and merge the IT support and Cyber Security functions into 'IT', when in fact the skill-sets needed for these roles are totally different
  • Most outsourced IT providers are also NOT hiring cyber security specialists, and relying on existing technicians to keep customers safe. In fact, if they have not talked to you about the about putting a cyber incident response plan in place, you are at risk and you are not being advised properly. 
  • Did you know that 94% of users struggle to identify a genuine email from a phishing attack? ONE cyber attack... even from a smart, tenured employee clicking on the wrong email... can open the door to absolute FINANCIAL DEVASTATION, and undo everything you have worked so hard to achieve.
  • Protecting everything you have worked hard for requires specialist cyber security skills and services if you stand any chance of keeping your business safe.

Running a business is tricky enough without the worry of cyber security threats. m3 have virtually eliminated our security concerns and without the expense of employing full-time IT staff

Anne SMith

Introducing CyberCare

CyberCare is a package of managed cyber security products and services designed to reduce the most common cyber threats facing small and medium businesses.

Reduced Cyber Risk

CyberCare is based on industry leading cyber security frameworks aimed at reducing the likelihood of a cyber attack in your business

Fully Managed by cyber experts

Our cyber experts aren't just your typical IT pros - they have specialised cyber security skills and experience. 

Fixed monthly user pricing

We don't ask you for a long-term commitment. Our packages are priced per user per month.

How to get started with cyber security

Here is a typical 3 step process when we start working with a new cyber security customer


Conduct a Risk & Vulnerability Assessment on your IT infrastructure so you can understand your current posture.


Create an action plan to resolve any severe and high risk issues.


Implement a cyber security services package to mitigate risks and establish regular reporting.


Do I have to notify my current IT provider or person that you are conducting the assessment?

Yes! Your current IT company or person needs to be know we are conducting the assessment. In most cases, they will need to provide us with access to your systems such as servers and firewalls in order for us to carry out the assessment. We may have to speak with other vendors too for any managed services you have - a manged firewall or backup device, for example.

They SHOULD be supportive of this as it is in their interests that your business is secure. If they are against having the assessment done - you must ask questions why.

Remember, it’s YOUR reputation, YOUR money, YOUR business that’s on the line. THEIR mistake is YOUR nightmare. 

If you find a compromise, virus or security violation during the risk assessment, do you have to report me?

No. Please understand that EVERYTHING WE FIND AND DISCUSS DURING THIS ASSESSMENT WILL BE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. We are not obligated to report any of our findings to anyone other than you directly.

You should know that according to UK laws, you may be required to tell your clients and/or patients if YOU have exposed their data, records and information to cybercriminals, and we would recommend you abide by the law. But we are not the police or the ICO. We are here to help you put a plan in place to prevent that disaster from happening.

How intrusive is the assessment? Do you have to install any software on my computer network during the assessment?

Our assessment is completely non-intrusive to your network. During our initial meeting, we will cover a number of different options for assessing your network against cyber attacks, which may or may not include specialised diagnostic software tools. We will discuss these options with you in person and will never do anything on your computer network without your complete agreement.

Either way, this assessment will provide you with verification from a qualified third party on whether or not your current IT person or provider is doing everything they should to keep your computer network not only up and running, but SAFE from cyber crime.

How long will this take? Will my system be down at all during the assessment?

Your time investment is minimal; one hour for the initial meeting, and one hour in a second meeting to go over our final report. The actual time that it will take us to conduct the assessment depends on the size and complexity of your IT systems.

Your computer network will not be slowed down or taken down by this assessment.

Are we too small to worry about getting hacked? We don’t have anything a hacker would want to steal.

WRONG. For starters, small and medium businesses are the #1 target for cybercrime groups because of their inability (or unwillingness) to implement proper security protocols. You’re easy prey. Second, not all cyber attacks are about stealing your data.

Ransomware attacks, like the WannaCry worm that affected the NHS, are about stealing what’s valuable to YOU and extorting money. Hackers corrupt ALL of your customer records, ALL of your work files and other data, then ask you to pay to get them back. If you don’t pay, they delete your files. If you DO pay, they delete your files anyway OR come back and demand MORE money because you’ve indicated you’re willing to pay. They’re called cyber criminals for a reason: they’re lawless scumbags who don’t follow the rules.

Can you honestly say your client records and ALL of the history, data and work files on your server are something not worth protecting?!?!

And finally, just like a real virus (common cold), malware spreads without anyone intentionally giving it to you. They are designed to be self-propagating, so claiming “nobody would want to attack us” is akin to saying, “I won’t catch a cold because nobody wants to give me one.” It doesn’t work that way.

Most of the attacks are 100% automated, using software programs designed to hammer millions of computers at once, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to find security loopholes on ALL computers connected to the Internet. You’re under attack by highly organised, highly motivated TEAMS of sophisticated coders who attack en masse – not some lone hacker sitting at home selecting his victims. All it takes is to miss ONE critical software update and you’re toast. ONE employee clicking on the wrong link. ONE client or trusted vendor sending you an infected file.

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