Do you have a spare half a million pounds to escape from a ransomware attack? If not, you’d best listen to this episode of “Techcess”!

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What is ‘Conti’?

Since the beginning of the Russia and Ukraine conflict, cyber hackers have been posing a serious threat to businesses in the UK, US and Europe.

A group called ‘Conti’ has emerged, which supports Russian President Vladimir Putin and his regime.

They have threatened to launch cyber attacks against any business or individual who speaks out against him.

In this episode, “Techcess” host Mark Riddell explains what businesses and individuals need to do to ensure they’re protected from any potential attacks.

If you have any computer connected to the web, it’s critical that you listen to the episode!

Not just because you absolutely don’t want to be hacked, but on top of that, if you do end up paying a ransom, you might be in trouble with the ICO!

We are not scaremongering!

One thing that we hear a lot from people that really frustrates us as an I.T. cyber security and technology support business is cynical business owners who accuse us of scaremongering.

We have always taken the view that we’re not forcing anyone to work with us, and that’s reflected in the reviews and testimonials we get from happy customers.

We do really want to help businesses, whether they’re working directly with us or not, and for that reason we urge you to take the information contained in episode 35 of Techcess really seriously.

The future safeguarding of your business might just depend on it!

Improved cyber security and protection might be more critical than you think!

All businesses take steps to protect themselves from cyber attacks in today’s digital world. But sometimes, those steps aren’t enough.

And if you’re getting advice from an IT provider that’s out of its depth due to the growth of your business, then you could be leaving entry points exposed!

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated every day, and it’s important to be vigilant against any threats that may be posed to your company data or online reputation.

Tips for preventing a ‘Conti’ attack or any other for that matter

Here are a few tips for protecting yourself from phishing scams and other types of cyber attacks:

  • Ensure that you have a robust ransomware proof backup in place
  • Get cyber essentials certified.
  • Train your users to be vigilant and spot phishing emails
  • Ensure you have an incident response plan in place

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