008: How to Spot a Phishing Attack: Top tips for preventing social engineering – Techcess

In this episode (episode eight) Mark Riddell from m3 Networks will guide you through the topic of social engineering, and how you can protect yourself against phishing attacks.


We’re following on from the previous episode with Robert Hall.

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We will be discussing ways that someone may try to use technology to socially engineer you through your computer or mobile devices.

As always, we are continuing our series of technology in success themed podcast episodes by helping you to understand the impact and importance of technology and its contribution towards your business success.

The most common social engineering attacks work because they abuse people’s trust in authority figures or by appealing to their sense of greed or curiosity.

Mark will be deep diving into some of the red flags associated with social engineering attacks, and the steps you can take to protect yourself against social engineering attempts.

Technology is revolutionising the way we engage customers, suppliers and employees across all parts of our business processes.

Is social engineering enough to trick some people into clicking the links and opening the attachments within?


Girl checking emails

So, what are the social engineering techniques used for hacking purposes?

And why are they effective, especially in these cases?

These and more are questions are uncovered by this episode.

Social media has given everyone a voice but it comes with its risks.

So if you are looking for ways to ensure that technology becomes an enabler rather than an obstacle in driving your social engagement strategy forward, listen to this podcast episode now.

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