Advantages of Outsourcing your Cyber Security Services

“Almost half of businesses in the UK including SMEs (43%) suffered a cyber-attack in the last twelve months.” – Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Reasons for outsourcing cyber security services

Current Scenario

Advantages of Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Breadth of cyber security knowledge

In the UK:

  • 43% of micro firms,
  • 41% of small firms,
  • 39% of mid-sized firms don’t know the reasons which lead to a cyber-attack.

Lack of proper knowledge on the contributing factors and sources for most of the disruptive breaches makes businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

As such its best to outsource cyber security to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Experience and knowledge of managed cyber security service providers will reduce the chances of a cyber-attack considerably.

Also, a managed security service provider will be able to educate employees through cyber security awareness training programs and monitor your organisations exposure on the dark web, amongst other things

Fixed monthly or yearly cost

  • 34% of SMEs in the UK find it challenging to invest in IT security as the cost has historically been high
  • 30% of SMEs spend less than 3% of their overall budget on cyber security.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) offer cyber security services at a very affordable and fixed cost.

Majority of MSSPs offer their services to businesses on a monthly subscription fee, but some may charge it annually.

The fixed cost helps businesses to plan their cyber security investment efficiently.

24/7 peace of mind

  • On average it takes around 3 days to neutralise the effect of a cyber-attack, leading to lost staff time and deviation of focus from the core business.

Managed security service providers will perform around-the-clock monitoring.

Continuous monitoring is an essential aspect of security as an enterprise can come under a cyber-attack at any time of the day.

With 24/7 monitoring and security support, businesses can enjoy peace of mind to focus on their core business operations and revenue generating activities

Availability of cyber security professionals

  • According to industry experts, there will be a shortfall of 100,000 cyber security professionals in the UK by 2022.

Outsourcing cyber security is the best option for businesses these days, and it is especially crucial for businesses that have limited budget or employees. 

Businesses often have trouble attracting and retaining top security professionals.

Some do not have the time or resource to deal with routine maintenance, which will ultimately lead to an inefficient security system.

Better Security Management

  • The cost of cyber attacks for small businesses amounted to around £894
  • For medium-sized businesses it was around £8,180

Managed security service providers (MSSP) use a suite of detection and prevention tools and robust backup protocols to try and prevent cyber-attacks and shorten recovery time.

Outsourcing cyber security services to MSSPs will reduce and mitigate cyber threats.

MSSPs maintain cutting-edge security technologies to provide endpoint protection, web and dark web monitoring, security awareness training, penetration testing, vulnerability scans, firewall management and much more.

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