November 11, 2020

9 Costs Of A Cyber Attack

Here’s 9 ways a cyber attack can cost you big, and it’s not always financial.

1 The embarrassment of appearing irresponsible

2 Costs of protecting employee and client data (buying credit monitoring)

3 Reputational damage, loss of credibility in the marketplace (your competition will have a heyday over this!)

4 Loss of clients for failing to protect their data, or not being able to service them

5 Legal action (this will suck up all of your time)

6 Legal fees to handle a breach

7 Information Commissioner (ICO) and GDPR fines

8 Recovery of data corrupted or “locked” from ransomware

9 The real cost of downtime and lost productivity

What you should do about it

If you have worries about cyber security and you are keen to discover your cyber risks, click here to book a FREE NIST Cyber Security Framework Risk Assessment with one of our team. You’ll get a comprehensive risk report highlighting the areas you need to improve. There is no obligation attached.


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