012: Tesco Cyber Attack – when it comes to cyber security, every little helps! “Techcess” – (m3 Networks)

When it comes to your cyber security, “every little helps!”

In this episode of “Techcess”, m3 Networks’ Mark Riddell talks us through the major cyber attack on Tesco and how it caused a nationwide outage for an entire day!


What was the problem?

Tesco said “an attempt was made to interfere with our systems, which caused problems with the search function on the site.”

In this episode, you’ll hear Mark describe what probably happened.

He’ll challenge the official line issued by Tesco, and offer a speculative idea of what he thinks they might have actually meant.

How long did this incident last for?

The outage lasted from Saturday morning until Sunday evening according to the company’s Twitter account.


How much did this cost Tesco?

It’s not yet known how much Tesco lost in this cyber attack, but the company is known to receive 1.3m online orders every week.

So you can do the math on the financial impact this outage will have had on the supermarket chain’s revenue.

Tesco said there had been no data breach or theft of data and that no money has gone missing.

In what other ways can cyber attacks cause loss to a business?

A data breach or theft of data is obvious, but the financial impact of a cyber attack may be harder to realise than simple loss of orders.

Yes, an outage as a result of a cyber attack causes monetary losses for the business due to lower revenue, but as Mark explains in this episode, there are other long term financial impacts of such an attack.

We’ll leave you to listen to learn more about this, but hint – it’s not a great way of maintaining customer loyalty…

Oh, and there’s a shout out to Amelia Paro when Mark talks about the dark web. If you’ve not yet listened to that episode, you can do so here –



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