006: How Scammers Trick You Into Sending Them Money And How You Can Prevent It!

Mark Riddell (from m3 Networks)  explains exactly what IT people mean when they talk about Business Email Compromise (BEC… or phishing!)

And tells you how you can prevent it!

If you listen to just one podcast episode today, make sure it’s this one. The future of your business may very well depend on it.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) otherwise known as phishing can affect any business of any size (not just larger ones) and if you’re targeted, the impact can be catastrophic!

During the episode Mark explains some of the many ways that these scammers can get access to your data.

You’ll be shocked by some of the tricks and tactics they’re using!

As Mark himself says, it can feel quite uncomfortable when you’ve been phished. 

The best way of ensuring it doesn’t happen, is to listen to this episode of Techcess!

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