004: Ransomware – what it is, how it can destroy business, and how to remove it!

In this episode we’re talking about what ransomware is and how it affects your business.


This week’s episode was born out of a Linkedin poll and could well prove to be the most important podcast episode you’ve ever listened to!


What is ransomware?

Mark Riddell (from m3 Networks)  will explain all there is to know about protecting your business from ransomware (a type of malware), in this episode of the Techcess podcast. Including:

Why you won’t be able to open your files if you’re infected.

How it can be dangerous for your customers and suppliers if you happen to be targeted by the ransomware malware.

How will ransomware affect your business?

Chances are, you, or someone you know could well be targeted by cyber criminals and will be the victim of ransomware.

Don’t pay! 

Mark will explain why in this episode.


How you can recover from a ransomware attack!

Prevention is better than a cure. 

Learn how to stop the attack in the first place!


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