Proud team! – Ruth and Jay’s 1000th reviews

At m3, we do not just routinely handle any IT issues our clients have; their feedback and reviews mean a lot to us. For this reason, we implemented SmileBack. SmileBack is a tool which allows our customers to leave a review for every interaction they have with our help desk, good or bad. Our dedicated help desk technicians work hard to keep up our good reviews; and it shows. Our current percentage of positive scores on SmileBack is over 99%, with us having raked in thousands of reviews. Ruth Lamont and Jay Mace, two of our many amazing technicians have both managed to reach their 1000th reviews! This is certainly no easy task – read on to find out how they feel about this achievement.

How do you feel about reaching your 1000th review?

Jay: Proud, I have worked hard and feel I am friendly and approachable (as we all are) and this is reflected in the reviews we are left.

Ruth: It’s a great feeling getting to help people day in day out and it means a lot that our customers have taken that little bit of time out their day to pop a message or a smiley face down. It seems quite strange to think I’ve resolved more than a 1000 problems since I’ve started, and that’s just the ones who have left feedback, but every day I’ve loved the challenges I’ve been presented with.

How do you feel about the review system, do you think it benefits the team morale?

Jay: Absolutely, It allows us to see clients view of us and provides proof we are doing a good job.

Ruth: The feedback system is a great tool and myself, and I’m sure all of us, feel a slight high when we get a nice comment. It’s affirmation that what we do really is making other people’s days easier.

What impact does any negative review have (albeit those are rare)?

Jay: Personally I take all negatives/neutrals to heart as I put my all into each ticket and to feel like I have fallen short of expectations isn’t a good feeling to have, I try my best to see it as a learning experience though.

Ruth: Neutral/negative feedback is still a great learning tool and I take them all very seriously, as do all of us. Over the last 3 years I have always strived to do the best by customers and learning what can be improved can be just as important as receiving the positive ones.

What do you think distinguishes the team at m3 which makes our reviews so high?

Jay: We are a close-knit band of techies whose skills complement each other very well and together there isn’t an issue that has beaten us yet! We constantly strive to provide great customer service and go the extra mile so ensure we leave a fantastic impression on everyone we deal with.

Ruth: The team here care a lot, it’s evident every day listening to the conversations going on and hearing the customer’s feedback, it makes me feel proud to work with the guys here. I don’t imagine anyone likes to call their IT people and speak to someone sounding like a robot and speaking a whole bundle of jargon. We understand that not everyone is IT literate and we just get the job done as quickly as we can. I’ve heard of other companies whose response time for the customer to even hear back from the IT company can be days instead of hours, and when our customer’s are so busy, quick problem solving is a must.

With our ever growing team progressing more than ever, we can’t wait to hear more great reviews in the future, and also look forward to celebrating the 1000th reviews of the rest of our technicians. m3 Networks would like to thank our clients for taking the time to give us feedback.

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