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Co-managed IT support that expands your IT capabilities, not your costs

Is your IT constantly hitting snags, needing more money, more tools, or more hands on deck, but you're stuck waiting for the budget to catch up? Worried your IT team might not be ready to tackle a big cyber threat or bounce back from a ransomware hit? Think they might be dropping the ball because they're just too stretched?

Check out m3 Networks’ Co-Managed IT Support. It’s our bespoke solution for teams that need a bit of extra muscle without blowing the budget. We pair up your IT folks with our pros to build a stronger, smarter support system.

Our approach isn’t about taking over your IT leader's job. It’s about continuous, cost-effective support that enhances what you’re already doing. Perfect for keeping things smooth without the extra cost.

Typical scenarios where business require co-managed IT support:

  • They have an in-house IT Manager who is focused on high-level strategic IT issues and needs technical support for day-to-day issues, helpdesk services, patch management, weekly maintenance, back-up, software upgrades etc.
  • The company has entered a rapid growth phase and requires to upscale its IT resources to support user growth.
  • The internal team is small and they require a co-managed IT partner to 'fill the gaps'  - to pick up tickets when the internal team is overwhelmed or lacks experience in certain areas and provide holiday and illness cover and to assist with larger IT projects.

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Co-managed IT support combines your in-house team with m3

Here's a few reasons why businesses like a co-managed service

We enhance your IT team

Co-managed IT support brings additional expertise and specialised knowledge to your team, filling gaps in your current capabilities and providing guidance on complex issues that your in-house staff may not be equipped to handle.

It's more cost effective

By supplementing your existing IT team instead of expanding it significantly, you can control costs. This setup avoids the expenses associated with hiring, training, and retaining additional full-time staff.

Scale up, or down

Co-managed services allow you to scale your IT support up or down based on current business needs and demands without the long-term commitments required when hiring new employees. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to market changes or business growth.

Improve response times

With a larger pool of technicians and IT specialists available, co-managed IT can offer quicker responses to IT issues, minimising downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Extended coverage hours

Our co-managed IT support provides round-the-clock monitoring and extended support hours, meaning we're available when your internal IT isn't.

Proactive Management

Co-managed IT includes proactive monitoring and maintenance of your systems, which helps in identifying and resolving potential issues before they become significant problems, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.

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