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Mark Riddell

What makes us different

Hi, I'm Mark Riddell, and we're m3.

It's a huge decision, to change your I.T. support provider. Just like our clients, you may have a long standing relationship with your current provider. Definitely not something you should take lightly. It's a bit like changing banks or accountant.

But it can be a really exciting time for your business too. And it's really exciting for us, because we believe we can make a real difference to your business.

I.T. support companies all say the same things on their website. Ours is no different, to a point (got to keep Google happy after all, or you wouldn't even be here). The thing is, our clients think we're a really great company to work with, because they tell us on a daily basis.

Here's my 5 top reasons why I think you should join us:
  • No technical jargon - ever. Pinky promise.
  • We are open and honest.
  • We always do the right thing by our clients.
  • We continually exceed industry standards for customer satisfaction.
  • Our clients tell us that we are really easy to work with.

Also, not overlooking the money factor, I believe that we charge a fair price for the services that we provide our clients. But what you really want is for everything just to 'work', right?

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Let me introduce you...

Now you get to meet our awesome people.

Mark Riddell

Mark Riddell Managing Director

Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb Technical Director

Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie Finance/HR Director

James Ford

James Ford Business Development Manager

Ruth Lamont

Ruth Lamont Helpdesk Technician

George Murphy

George Murphy Helpdesk Technician

Jay Mace

Jay Mace Helpdesk Technician

New Employee

Could this be you? Maybes aye.

Our Journey

Remember the 'credit crunch'? That's when m3 started, in 2009. We were 3 colleagues made redundant, and we decided to set out on our own (scary) journey into business. m3 was actually set up less than 24 hrs after walking out of our previous employer. It was either that or daytime TV. Snooze you lose, right?

Someone once told me, "if you can start a business in a recession and make it work, once the economy recovers, you'll fly". Or something similar. I can't remember who that was, but it is entirely true.

We have always operated on the ethos of "always do the right thing, whatever it takes". Seems simple when you think about about. I guess it is. But this mentality has always served us well.

What our customers say...

Author D

New Testimonial

“Very helpful and rectified the issue promptly, keeping work time disruption to a minimum”

Author C

New Testimonial

“Speedy action with no hassle as always”

Author B

New Testimonial

“Took the time to understand the problem - fixed the problem and tested to make sure all was well. Very happy”

Author A

New Testimonial

“Helped me understand the workings of my VPN - made my life a lot easier” 🙂

John Beech

Ruth resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. Thanks Ruth!

Fiona Sinclair

George did a great job of fixing my printing problem. He is very pleasant to deal with and quickly fixed the problem!

Erin Gibbins

Very quick and professional and had me back online in seconds.

Carol Redford

Probably the fasted response yet - thank you so much we know we can rely on you. 🙂

Zoe Clement

We always get our issues sorted out 🙂

Steven Greig

Great efficient service that fixed my problem! What more could I want?

Ready to talk?

So there you go. Now you know pretty much everything about us. If you'd like to
arrange a chat, hit the button below and let's make it happen.

Mark Riddell

Mark Lamb | Technical Director

Mark Lamb

Mary Brodie | Finance/HR Director

Mary Brodie

James Ford | Business Development Manager

James Ford

Ciaran Rourke | Helpdesk Manager

Ciaran Rourke

George Murphy | Helpdesk Technician

George Murphy

Ruth Lamont | Helpdesk Technician

Ruth Lamont

Jay Mace | Helpdesk Technician

Jay Mace

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