Perth based IT support company, m3 Networks, has announced it is on plan to support over 1000 PCs by the end of the year, leading to new job creation and further expansion of their premises in Perth.

Supporting 110 locations for 89 different businesses, m3 Networks currently employs a team of 9 people and has ambition to become the biggest IT support company in Scotland over the next 10 years. Their biggest client has already rolled out use of their services at all 14 of their sites across the UK and the Perth-based IT support company is already signing up cost-savvy London customers who are taking advantage of technological advances to source their IT support from outwith the M25.

Founded seven years ago this week, m3 Networks was established by entrepreneurs Mark Riddell, Mark Lamb and Mary Brodie, all of who had been made redundant from their respective roles just as the UK plunged into a deep recession from which it is only now, seven years later, emerging. Named after the initials in the three directors’ first names, m3 Networks has grown its turnover sevenfold in seven years, and now provides managed IT support to business across the UK.

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