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Managed Services

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Managed Anti-Virus

Having a reliable anti-virus solution is key in the first line of defence against infections. Taking this to the next level, we provide a fully-managed solution. This means we can monitor the virus status of your servers and computers. This ensures they are kept up to date, full weekly virus scans are carried out, and any infections can be monitored and alerted to our helpdesk.

Antivirus and Antispyware Protection

Eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware with optional cloud-powered scanning for even better detection performance.

Device Control – Keep Offline Devices Under Control

Ensure no unauthorized offline media are used within your network. Blocks unauthorized devices or allows different access levels.

Anti-Phishing – Avoid Being Hooked

Our award-winning Anti-Phishing engine protects from attempts by fake websites to acquire sensitive company data such as usernames, passwords or banking details.

Optimised for the Virtual Environment

ESET Shared Local Cache stores the metadata of scanned files so replica files on one machine are not scanned again on other virtual machines.

Fusemail - Cloud based email security

Email Security

Email is one of the top entry points for virus and hacking attempts to your business network. Protecting your email with business-class Cloud-based email filtering ensures you’re ahead of the game. We can remove unwanted spam from mailboxes, preventing these emails from ever reaching your network. We also ensure you aren’t unwillingly sending out viruses to your business contacts and customers.

“I get more spam than anyone I know.”

Bill Gates

Email Security

Get better email security with advanced threat protection from FuseMail – comprehensive email filtering for virus, spam, and malware. 99.9% effectiveness and less than 0.01% false positives.

Email Continuity

Avoid costly business disruption by continuing to receive uninterrupted email service in the event of an outage.

Cyren - Cloud-based protection

Cyren - Premier Cloud-based protection

Devices operating in the cloud, need cloud-based protection. CYREN WebSecurity offers the industry’s most robust cloud-based security that protects devices and data, regardless of type or location. Offered through a proven security-as-a-service (SecaaS) deployment model, companies can address their traditional web security needs—plus accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce and operate a “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) polic

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